What Is it?

Medicare health insurance is medical insurance that pays 80 percent of the costs of your medical care. It’s broken up into four different types of coverage options. Part A is insurance coverage for your hospital costs. Part B is coverage for all medically necessary services as well as preventative services. Part C is also known as “Medicare Advantage,” and it is another way that beneficiaries can obtain their Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. Part D is prescription drug coverage.

Who Is it for?

Medicare insurance is for people who have reached the age of 65. Some disabled citizens are also entitled to receive Medicare insurance.

How Does it Work?

If Medicare is the primary insurer, it will pay your medical expenses up until the limits of the coverage. If there is anything left over, your secondary insurance plan will pay a portion or all of the costs. In the event that your secondary insurer does not pay the entire amount, you will be responsible for paying the remainder of the bill.

What Are the Different Types of Coverage in Existence?

Medicare Part A covers your hospitalizations, stays in skilled nursing facilities, hospice care and home health care. Medicare Part B covers Durable Medical Equipment or DME, ambulance services, services intended to diagnose a medical condition and services intended to detect or prevent a disease.

What Are the Major Benefits?

Medicare Part B will pay for several screenings that will detect diseases in their earliest stages, including colorectal cancer screenings, screenings for cardiovascular disease and bone density tests. You will also receive immunizations for influenza, hepatitis B and pneumonia. Those who need to quit smoking can even receive counseling designed to help them. If you are having difficulties ceasing your dependence on alcohol, Medicare health insurance will cover alcohol misuse screenings and counseling.